Little Fish Films have an extensive archive of regeneration in South East London, filmed a part of an environmental project involving partners including Lewisham Council, the Environment Agency, The London Wildlife Trust and local environmental and community groups. We have continued to document environments to detect changes brought about by regeneration and other environmental factors such as climate change.

Video can be key to the work of various organisations, particularly in presentation format, but also to:

To record change over time

To record regeneration

To show the impact of change

To show the potentials of spaces and how they exist in living environments

As a consultation tool

Video presentations instead of travel to reduce carbon emissions

The Changing Creekside Video Project (1997-2002) examined Sustainable Development, Flood Risk, Community Involvement in Regeneration and the history, geography and ecology of the area surrounding Deptford Creek. The project provided video production training for local environmentalists and produced videos and accompanying educational resources for Creekside Schools.

Visit our You Tube page to see ‘It’s Not Bleak up Deptford Creek’ 1997-

Deptford Discovery Team (1997-2004)

We worked closely with DDT on several of their projects, The following document contains more info About The Discovery Team.doc If you need any further info, images or video from these projects, please contact

Environment & Regeneration