Projects with Young People


Over the years we’ve worked with many groups of young people to develop short films about their experiences, used drama, role play and documentary styles to look at complex issues or consulted with them using video over changes to their environment and education. Video helps to:

Express opinions and ideas

Make voices heard

As a consultation tool

     Encourage participation and raise confidence through projects with YP

Student Voice 2008

With Priory Community School, Weston-Super-Mare, Pupils from the school organised a conference with several other schools to discuss empowerment and school improvements. We helped the pupils to film and edit the conference and produce a DVD they could share with other schools. View an extract here.

Young Carers in Lewisham 2007

Working again with Lewisham Carers we produced a video with their young carers groups where they told us what their experiences of caring for family members with mental or physical health problems was like. Contact Carers Lewisham for more info

Kick it out 2006

Anti-racist project using forum theatre to highlight racism in football, little Fish participated with other groups to produce a DVD which included opinions from the characters/actors as well as footage from a multi racial football tournament at City Academy, Bristol. This project was a partnership with Healthier Communities- Barton Hill NDC, the Football Association and a forum theatre group

Big Deal 2001

A collaborative project to explore issues of drug misuse in 2 East London estates, The Gasgoine, a high rise estate in Barking and Harold Hill a cottage estate in Havering. Groups from each estate came together and worked on radio and video to produce a short film. Little Fish Films ran video workshops with the groups and helped them to write, produce and direct.

please contact us to view.